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      1. About us

        Ourshow International is one of the outstanding brand promotion service company. Since we’ve founded till now, we established several subsidiary companies and 6 design centers in major cities in Europe, America, Asia, Australia and Africa etc.

        Ourshow Expo International dedicated in full scale services of brand integration, exhibition, media publicity, event planning, internet marketing etc. Ourshow Expo International provides Ourshow Expo always upholds the growth of brand development strategy.

        Our industry relates energy, mechanism, chemical engineering, electronic, medicine, costumes, textile, rubber and plastic, sports, transportation, printing, computers, automation, semi-conductor, software and services, including a lot of world-known enterprises such as PIRELLI,SIEMENS、Mercedes-Benz、BMW、Microsoft, Panasonic, SONY, Suntech, Shell, ABB, Ford, Krup, BASF, Deutsche Telekom, General Motors, Huawei etc.

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